Escaping Undeserved Retribution

Posted on December 7, 2007


A dreaded reminder accompanied dawn, a banal placid episode to a chosen few. But to most maledicted souls, a curt reminder that ‘escape is unattainable’. It meant reliving the horrors of memories you want to forget, ignore, bury and lie like a paralytic unable to control or stop this relentless ruthless storm. Gripped by this sudden but expected hostile confrontation, crippled by fear, suddenly slipping into a safe comatose state of denial.

Imagining being somewhere else with someone, anyone else doing something else…the possibilities, the probabilities. It’s a good dream, though annoyingly perfect. Often dreams are superimposed by others who are equally baffling.
CLICK…BAaaMM….some Jack ass space-cowboy came riding in (using his white horse as a decoy) and pulls you out of the land of eternal peace into the twilight zone.

So, you lie there twitching and turning trying to grasp the enormity of the situation you are in, at the same time trying to escape the trammels and traps of your own mind. You suddenly realize that your imagination is merely trying to spare you the gory truth. There is no escape. The mere idea of escape entails the frivolous utilization of brain tissue. But then again indulging in frivolous ideas is what we do best. We fight this relentless force compelling us and force us to accept things as they are, give in.

Since war is imminent it’s perhaps wise to mobilise the forces, a few deranged highly precarious volunteers. A myriad of tasks lay ahead which include prying open eyelids trapped shut by preconceived perceptions, fear of impending doom, desertion of reliable instinct, courage and the ephemeral nature of happiness. Not much to go with but as the saying goes something, anything is always better than nothing.

What you witness, is the countless defeated, thwarted and vanquished to deter you. The worthiness of the cause is often debated but surrendering is no longer an option. The invading forces took no prisoners, mercy is highly underrated.

Your soldiers marched ahead shooting-up on the infamous booster tagged “Optimystia”, to tame the impending occurrence of dementia. High on artificially implanted sanguinity, armed with a benumbed body, a battered cataphract, left over endurance-slugs and grasping on a thin sword of hope.

The intrepid march ahead to the front ready to face your nemesis. Take positions and replace those whose have now faded into memory. This last post was now defended by the dreams that promised to hold true and by their own persistent refusal to believe that this could not be the end of long held ambitions and aspirations.

Finally, it began. Putting an end to the debating, the pondering, the lingering.
Like a kamikaze warrior crashing into the enemy, fear was not an option. Desperately slicing through layers of walls erected by long-held anxieties, preconceptions a few owned and some borrowed inherited conventions of self-worth, the self-righteous societal edicts. To uncover the hidden mysterious destiny, which had been denied for so long, to rewrite this unacceptable storyline of your life.

All this, to escape this unending vicious circle which unintentionally lands you into well guarded penitentiary filled with repenting cons. What you want doesn’t seem to matter, nothing you do does, no dream can change it, persistence can’t sway it, dire attempt at prayer can’t break it.

We do it anyway. WAKE UP.

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