Posted on November 5, 2009


Everyday seems like yesterday,
Routine rules the day,
Keeps us from noticing the silence inside,
the ocean of regret immersed behind pretentious smiles,

The eyes struggle to evade,
it’s starting to show now,
as time shrugs past,
as the ebb and tide threaten to erode,
the walls that promised to keep the past hidden,
and the future buried.

It’s unbearable,
to pretend it doesn’t exist,
to hold back the tsunami that hides behind dead eyes,
dead to pain, to the feeling of what’s missing.

Alone outside,
lonely like a cactus among rose bushes,
too ingenuous, too brash, too proud, to blend in,
to accept, to relinquish rational though
to embrace, to follow blindly an unconscionable crowd.

Rooms filled with disappointment and anguish,
ripe with age they walk as if dragged,
one day to the next,
every dream to its death,
praying without faith,
hoping without hope,

So it lies,entombed,
the unbearable horrors of reality,
echoing incoherently in the distance,
its pulse pushing against the loose,
unreliable barrier,
waiting, craving to leap out, to cry out,
‘why me?’