Tick Tock…Tick Tock…Tick Tock

Posted on November 5, 2009


“Charlie come here, we have to leave early today. I have a early meeting, so i am going to drop you to school early. Okay!?”.

“CHARLIE…CHAARLIE, come on just this once.”

Marge was screaming at the top of her lungs and then she dropped her voice as she realized it was pointless. Waking up early was something she wasn’t used to, it made her seem like a crazed amnesiac junkie looking for her next fix.

The anger and frustration that had now reached its inevitable end, a spillover was long overdue. This process unexpectedly gave birth to a ruthless determination to be sterner than a redneck’s unshakable warped logic. “This is it,” she thought. This time he was going to have to listen to her – he was coming with her because she needed this promotion, for them both. She knew, she couldn’t miss this chance to get out of the quagmire they were in.

Marge walked swiftly towards Charlie’s room. Her gait bore a mixture of hesitation and desperation. Her temporarily acquired determination was wearing-off like a sedative in the middle of a hernia operation. She stomped on, thinking of the time they had the night before.

They had just watched the horrific ‘Hell Raisers’, it was scarier than she had imagined and Charlie had frozen with fear. Tommy, her boyfriend, had insisted that Charlie watch the movie; he was under the impression that facing something worse than what you feared most, would somehow rid a person of fear itself. Tommy had no idea what he was talking about, but then again he never did.

Marge had to spent hours pacifying Charlie – she finally told him that the story of the crucifix-pendulum clock in his room. About how the noise it emits would repulse any and every evil spirit in existence. The tale seemed to have worked; she had tucked him in thrice and left the room with the light on.

When she snapped back, she hoped the movie hadn’t scarred him for life. She finally reached his room, he was leaning over the bathroom sink, and looked like he hadn’t slept much. She couldn’t help notice how tall he had grown and the stubble growing on his cheeks were now more prominent than ever. It had to go. “Fucking *****”, she wished she could sum up all the profanities she knew, it was worse than she thought.

Her glance moved towards his room, everything was laid out like a well executed strategy for the comfort of future and present usage. Pencils pointing towards the ceiling, his papers neatly tucked into a well-categorised file, the garbage bin was so neat it could pass-off as yet another storage container, his daily wear resonated his mood and they resembled a neatly tucked sequenced color wheel.

She suddenly interrupted her own thoughts and felt the words flow out without her permission, “CHARLIEEEE….I know you heard me…you have to stop at one today, darling. Don’t make me lock you in again.”

“Noooo” “Noooo” “Noooo” (A sudden jolt of overwhelming fear and panic hit Charlie it was like he had just witnessed the sight of hellish terror.)

She was facing the mirror looking both shocked and terrified as at the same time, Charlie with a newly discovered agility ripped the spiked-cross out of the clock and plunged it into Marge thrice. It was accompanied with a spine chilling shrill, “Tick Tock…Tick Tock…Tick Tock” which somehow sounded both comical and unbelievably bloodcurdling. As Marge began inevitable union with the ground, she realised she should have washed off her Hellraiser make-up and costume, after playing “dress-up” with tommy.

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