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The Duckling

September 10, 2008


It felt so right, you and me like a story made up to fit a child’s dream. Ugly as an eye sour, defined by society‚Äôs prejudicial code, rode the dream with her eyes closed. The treacherous terrain wrought by anguish and pain, longing and strain often mended by hope so vain. Distracted and suckered into […]

Escaping Undeserved Retribution

December 7, 2007


A dreaded reminder accompanied dawn, a banal placid episode to a chosen few. But to most maledicted souls, a curt reminder that ‘escape is unattainable’. It meant reliving the horrors of memories you want to forget, ignore, bury and lie like a paralytic unable to control or stop this relentless ruthless storm. Gripped by this […]

The Tortoise and The Hare

July 5, 2007


– A contemporary rendition Once Upon a time, there was a hare who often boasted about his swiftness, speed and how nobody could beat him. He frequently taunted and scorned everyone but especially the self-effacing tortoise who tolerated his insults to avoid any unwanted and pointless confrontation with someone who suffers from a over-inflated ego […]